We believe cold-pressed juicing is for everyone, not just the hard-core health connoisseur.

Our shop is an inclusive and welcoming space to all who walk through the door, and not to brag, but we’ve even won awards for our five star customer service! (Ok, ok, maybe a little brag because we’re super duper proud). 

With a range of products, Squish Juicery delivers flavour profiles that are vibrant and enjoyable, with something for every taste. If you’re not sure which juice is for you, just ask us! If we were ever called experts at anything, it’d be this…







How our story began

A single sip while visiting sunny San Diego is all it took. After tasting the delicious freshness of a cold-pressed juice for the first time, Co-Founder’s Jessica and Callan returned home to Port Moody craving more.

The health benefits of cold-pressed juicing were first introduced to Jessica amidst a long-term battle with disordered eating. She learned about its ability to nourish her body quickly, while reducing anxiety around whether she was making ‘the right’ food choices. So after discovering the undeniable satisfaction of a cold-pressed juice, it wasn’t long before both partners made it a daily habit to concoct and perfect original recipes of their own.

And with that, began their mission to create quality juices that are divine to drink and loaded with nutritional value. Squished to support people wherever they are on their wellness journey. 

It was a crowd-pleasing response from their family and wider community that truly made them realize they had something special. Something that would have even the pickiest of kids asking for two and three helpings of their signature green juice (true story!).

Today, it’s with great pride and love for pressed juices that they can share their unique recipes with you and your family, for a bright and tasty future.

Benefits of our fresh juicery

  • 1️⃣

    More vitamins, enzymes and nutrients than regular pasteurized juice

  • 2️⃣

    Get your recommended 8 servings a day of fruits and veggies in a format that’s quickly absorbed and easily consumed

  • 3️⃣

    See an increase in energy levels from consuming raw fruits and veggies, in a juice format that is literally packed with flavour

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The juice in our juicery is made with a hydraulic press that uses thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the maximum amount of liquid from fresh fruits and vegetables. No additional heat or oxygen is used in the process, which means that no nutrients are lost, or enzymes are broken down. Way different than your home centrifugal juicer with spinning blades! We believe that fresh is always best - and want to ensure you get the best flavour out of your drinks.

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